Archiphy Architects was established in 2006 and it is located in Dallas TX.  It operates on a team approach, bringing together owners, and professionals in a collaboration of knowledge, needs and efforts, achieving results.

Our office is centrally located in Dallas and our team of professionals work diligently to be responsive, giving our client personal attention, solving their problems in a timely manner.

Our team members reside in DFW providing close proximity to the local government authorities, facilitating communication and providing physical presence throughout the design process.

Archiphy’s team has extensive experience in coordinating with all the professional involved in the project.  We place great care in quality control and quality assurance.  We are certain that we are suitable to provide the appropriate aesthetic and functional design within the building’s context while taking into account sustainability and meeting budgetary guidelines.  We are certified HUB.


  • Enhance experience and well being through the design of enduring and inspiring sustainable environments
  • Design accurate technical solutions that meet client’s architectural requirements, balancing efficiency and aesthetics in design.  Our process allows our clients to be partners and contribute throughout the design process.

  • Provide the best of our experience to deliver high quality services and solutions to each project

  • Deliver projects that meet or exceed industry standards and are timeless

  • Work as partners with our clients, taking the time to understand the program, goals, and budget

  • Deliver wow! through service


We continuously strive to represent our clients with reliability.  We will contribute to our community and develop sustainable solutions for our projects.   Dedication to our values will continue to strengthen, ensuring that clients, team, and consultants thrive during the process.


  •  Hold integrity, quality and balance as our core values

  • Be adventurous and creative