Office Warehouse
Farmers Branch, TX

Caroll Ave.
Multifamily Project
Dallas, TX

Knox Street
Retail Building
Dallas, TX

Value Proposition

Archiphy Architects in the Dallas Fort Worth area specializes in retail, office, multifamily, restaurants.  We are a full service architecture firm committed to design and technical excellence We are knowledgeable in a wide variety of construction types. They include renovations, finish outs, facilities planning and new construction.

We strive to provide a rewarding architectural experience through the course of the design and construction phases for both our clients and our team.  We search for aesthetically pleasant as well as imaginative solutions to real world problems.

Real Time Value

With a hands-on approach, technical expertise and creative execution, Archiphy applies a philosophy of the highest principle in order to contribute to a sustainable future and maintain quality architecture.

As architects in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex we tap into local resources to improve the quality of each project.   If required by the scope of the project, we work with other professionals to bring complimentary skills and improve our contribution.

No Rocket Science

A suitable solution in its context is our main concern; including the degree to which each solution encompasses broad ranges of basic human concerns:  comfort, programmatic needs, community impact, economic constraints and legal restrictions.

Each design expresses the personality of each project.  They exemplify the architectural form including the client’s vision, the program and the unique qualities of the site.