Retail Design

When designing retail spaces, a retail architect is concerned about the customer’s overall first impression and experience.   The space must be designed in a way that promotes and engages the customer’s senses.

One main consideration is to draw people into the space through striking storefronts letting customers experience the inside. The windows are essential for inviting foot traffic to venture inside.

The storefront must capture the customer’s attention by highlighting compelling and relevant items. Bold colors such as white, black and red quickly capture attention.
The spaces must tell a story. It may establish a narrative or theme in order to tap into the shoppers sensibilities.

Architectural Services:

•  Programming
•  Pre-design
•  Schematic Design
•  Design Development
•  Construction Documents and Specifications
•  Bidding Phase services
•  Furnishings/Finishes specification
•  Construction Administration
•  Review of design and construction documents, and on-site construction progress reviews for compliance with regulations and state codes
•  Full service accessible architectural and Interior design

Archiphy was established to provide practice architecture with an emphasis on service and design quality. We are based in Dallas and licensed in the state of Texas. We are diverse in our abilities and well suited to meet budgetary constraints while delivering the most creative design solutions.

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